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DD Hammocks Tarp

The DD Hammocks Tarps complement the DD Hammocks Travel and Frontline brilliantly - versatile with multiple uses

Price: £37.00 inc vat

Product Description

DD Hammocks Tarp in Small, Medium, Standard & XL (OG)

With 19 separate attachment points, the DD Hammocks Tarp can be rigged in almost any way you can imagine for almost any situation.

16 reinforced points at the edges give multiple options for attaching guylines to pegs or trees whilst the three centre ridge points allow the use of rope, cord or bungie to form a classic ridge for maximum weather protection.

The PU-coated polyester fabric is decently reinforced at all the important points and with a 3000mm hydrostatic head should keep you dry in wet conditions.

The standard tarp is 3m x 3m and the XL is 3m x 4.5m - both give you plenty of space to use them as a standalone basha or fly for your DD Hammock.  The Small is 2.8x1.5m and not really suitable for use as a hammock shelter but the Medium at 3.5x2.4m will cover most situations.

Weight: 450g (Small), 720g (Medium), 720g (Standard), 1020g (XL)

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