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Karrimor SF Predator Side Pocket (PLCE)

Predator compatible utility pouch

Price: £47.00 inc vat

Product Description

Karrimor SF Predator Side Pocket (PLCE)

The Predator side pocket PLCE attaches in the same way as a standard PLCE side pocket and can be used on packs outside the Predator range.

Two single ammunition/utility pouches are mounted above a single Omni pouch allowing a large amount of ammunition or other items to be carried.

The Predator side pocket is designed to be low profile resolving a key operational issue with the larger standard pockets in urban operations where access can be restricted.


• 2 Ammunition pouches each carries; 3 SA80 or similar magazines or 60x 7.62 link
• Omni pouch can hold; 8 SA80 or similar magazines or, 1 Large minimi magazine (either hard or soft type) or, 2 Small minimi magazines (soft type) or, 8 UGL 40mm grenades or 300x 7.62mm link ammunition.
• Buckle and touch and close tape closures with silencers
• Rotproof thread
• Durable water repellent fabric

• Height 40cm
• Width 20cm
• Depth 8cm

• Weight 0.43kg

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